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Seeds from the Index Seminum are not for sale, but are available on an exchange basis exclusively for scientific, educational and nature conservation purposes. The orders will be dispatched according to the availability of seeds.

Please read the terms and conditions below before placing an order.

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Collapse Index Seminum 2024Index Seminum 2024
Expand Part 1: Seeds collected in the garden (Palace garden)Part 1: Seeds collected in the garden (Palace garden)
Expand Part 2: Seeds collected in the garden (Useful plants)Part 2: Seeds collected in the garden (Useful plants)
Expand Part 3: Seeds collected in the greenhouses (Palace garden)Part 3: Seeds collected in the greenhouses (Palace garden)
Expand Part 4: Seeds collected in the greenhouses (Useful plants)Part 4: Seeds collected in the greenhouses (Useful plants)

Terms and conditions

All seeds and spores are allocated an IPEN number. In accordance with the provisions of the International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN, see BGCI website on IPEN) you are obligated to include this number in your documentation.

IPEN is based on a code of conduct (IPEN Code of Conduct) and meets the obligations of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the Nagoya Protocol and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). IPEN members comply with and act in accordance to these conventions and existing laws for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity, access to genetic resources and equitable benefit sharing. IPEN members can order seeds from the Bonn University Botanic Garden without further formalities.

Non IPEN members must have the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) signed by an authorized person and need to fill the IPEN numbers of the material they want to order into the attached order form. The signed MTA together with the accompanying orders can be send digitally or by postal delivery (see below for contact information). Without these documents no seeds will be sent.

By ordering seeds, the recipient agrees to follow the above-mentioned conditions.

Botanische Gärten der Universität Bonn, Germany (BONN), 2024. Meckenheimer Allee 171, DE-53115 Bonn. E-Mail: botgart-index@uni-bonn.de

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The seed catalogue
  • All seeds listed are from open pollination.
  • For seeds collected at the gardens, the origin of the mother plant is given where known.
  • The family classification follows APG IV.

The gardens
  • Latitude/longitude: 50°43'29"N / 7°05'37"E
  • Altitude: 60 m a.s.l.
  • Mean temperature: 9.9 °C (1.6 °C for January, 18.3 °C for July)
  • Mean annual precipitation: 805 mm (mean from April to Sept: 435 mm)